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  1. Last week
  2. aww I wanted to be in that fight . unhappy I had to wake up so early 😞
  3. easy for nl call more clans
  4. Lmfaooooo, tbh its more humiliating them having to call another clan to save them. Fucking trash. GJ lads!
  5. Lmfao smishe is my little bitch LMFAOOO
  6. Ct is trash and ez clan to smoke
  7. re-occurring theme, was that resurgence they called to help also?
  8. Infested rat clan, rot once again saves a clan from getting humiliated.
  9. Called for a lil trip Monday night to fuck around and see if we could find some action, ended up finding Veng in the first world we ran down in. Had a quick little 10 minute fight with them in black dragons before they called it. Gf veng thanks for action. Right after that a CT rat logged into us and called his momma rat to come try and save him. We fought CT for about 5 minutes before they decided to call some random fucking whale team with about 20 opts to come try and disorganize us. The fight moved to black dragons and continued until Christy's leak infested clan gave to world to ROT. We got out and tele'd right back up and instantly found CT in a different world. Fight once again moved to black dragons and continued for about 15 minutes, fucking them up left and right before once again, leak infested CT gave the world to ROT to come save them. Funny how we never get crashed by ROT unless its fighting vs CT. Thanks for the laughs CT, you all are fucking pathetic as fuck lmao.
  10. Runelite (or OpenOSRS) should do the same thing. In the settings tab, click the gear icon next to "Runelite", you can adjust the infoboxes extending vertically or horizontally & the sizes of them. Hold ALT to drag the infobox where you'd like
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