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    If you've ever wondered if it was possible to pk on mobile. Well here's some of my latest clips put together into a simple compilation. Let me know if there's other sorts of PKing y'all would be interested in seeing 🙂
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    Set up a clean fight against AC on this beautiful evening without a sound of any crashers resonating the deep wildy. Tele'd up to west GDZ and fought AC for a clean 30 minute fight while transitioning through their ops one after another dropping them like flies while having our ops barely affected by their weak sticks and blunt blades. After the 30 minute cap ended, we took our last piles and ending pics. Thanks for the action AC. GF AC
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    After being greeted with a spectacular email confirmation, you've convinced me to drop an intro Community Intro: - What do you prefer we call you?:Local News - Tell us about yourself: super shit zerk boi from vengeance - What is your clanning history?: was effectively a disabled kid a few years ago before i got halfway decent at the game with Acidic Drips in Apex on my pure, joined pretty bad open revs Zerk PK clan Destiny and that brought me to Vengeance a little over a year ago. - Do you intend to join NL?: I'll be honest If I didn't hate main accounts I'd join on mine, but I CBA playing this game on anything but my zerk. Won't be leaving Vengeance anytime soon. You guys are some goofy motherfuckers and Acidic drips is the homie
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    Had a planned 30 min cap fight with VR on this fine Sunday. Massed up 26 strong NL warriors to fight at 5PM est. Tele'd up to 50 ports to defend and waited for them to rush us to start the fight. VR rushed in from the south with just about the same opts. NL piles started out strong as fuck and continued that way throughout the fight, maintaining control of the battlefield the entire 30 minutes . We caught VR in quite a few different barrage clumps to the point where they had to push south towards portal a couple of times. This was honestly one of the cleanest fights I have ever been in, no crashers in sight and hardly any looters at all. After the cap was up we fell in and took our endings. Hats off to VR, thanks for the good, clean, respectable action. Good fucking fight. Went to revs afterwards to fuck around and make some money.
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    Another GMT trip today for the boys, plenty of small fights, no real clan action so we just made bank again.
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    Went out for a small GMT trip with the boys, had a small fight with TR but it was the only real fight of consequence, otherwise we just ran around gathering up all the loots.
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    Markito . porque esta pergunta ? PQP , Leia matematica em qualquer lingua , nao muda rsrsrs. Matematica 'e uma ciencia exata 😛 , acho que devias ler um poema , um livro ( romance , ficcao , drama ) bem melhor amigo ai voce aprende mais vocabulario ... ( eu deveria fazer o mesmo hahah mas gosto de ler na minha lingua mesmo ) Te adoro amigo 🙂
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    Nice video @MadDoctor great job on it
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    Only nerd here is you @NL Fargorn going to buy 15 boxes daily when its only 15 bucks. Save the NMZ points for imbued rings.
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    It is that time again lads, 1k bracelets means it is time to liquidate. As always the proceeds go to filling out the pk tab and to flipping. The loot sale in not all inclusive, runes, torags and other goodies get recycled for wars! Pking with Nothing Left is just too fucking easy. EST is ours. bank.mp4 bank2.mp4
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    i pked this yesterday
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    Pretty weak. I was expecting better from you Fargy.
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    he aint pked any of that btw, thats everything i split him
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    lms just doesnt feel as exciting or as high risk as the wildy 😞 Not my favorite britters vid tbh but still a big fan ❤️
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    Dragisx massed up a last minute trip on this fine Friday afternoon. Took about 3 seconds to realize deep was dead [fuck u jagex revitalize wildy] so we headed 2 caves. Not long in we found PD and you guessed it we engaged. Had a good fucking clean fight with them for like 1.5 hrs before SV decided to crash with like 12. They got gwassed upon arrival in a huge clump at east entrance to black drags. Whenever they had 10 more in game, we focused SV, otherwise we focused PD. We caught nasty fucking clumps on PD AND SV throughout maintaining 18+ in game for the whole fight. Then AF showed up to to clear SV. Cuckthroat had alil singles trip cuz they can't pull enough for multi and tried to camp entrance in a dd. Gotta admit, pretty high IQ play, they'd be insta wiped if they came multi.
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    LMS?????? Fuck outta here
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    CT camping entrance, watching and trying to learn something SV in snakeskin purple hat meta camping tunnels + all their no name friends NL vs PD in the center. NL getting in some real fucking haymakers.
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    Was ez, GF PD, Stick to singles CT ShabbyRectangularIchthyostega-mobile.mp4
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    What do you prefer we call you?: Paddy Tell us about yourself: I am old, too old to be gaming but still enjoy it. I use to play LoL but stopped, I play CSGO when I get bored of RS. Currently playing a lot of Age of Empires II since DE came out. Other than that I live in Chicago. I like to drink and play basketball/golf. I enjoy watching Sports, Chicago Bulls/Cubs/Bears/Hawks I follow Spurs as well, #COYS. My work schedule is chaotic and I almost never turn down overtime so sometimes I can be decently active, sometimes you'll only see me on for an hour or so each day. What is your clanning history? 420 pkers- member, closed due to death of wild Impact Pures- leader, closed due to death of the wild in 2007 Imperial- Pure clan closed because leaders quit the game Doom- pure clan closed Fatality- Pure clan been there since 2015. Met a lot of good guys in this clan that I have met up irl. Don't see myself leaving. Do you intend to join NL?: Yea, I do. I looking into other clans I think this is the right one for me.
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    I'm gonna let u know rn danny will literally show up to maybe an event or two in an entire year, he's just fun to have in your discord LOL hey bud
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    After not finding shit for action out and in GMT today, and just filling out pockets the men were hungry for actual fight. At the end of our trip we managed to set up a 3 hour prep vs AF for 8 EST. We got a loc/cap/numbers and started to fight shortly after 8. Had 2 real good scraps with them with both sides having their moments. Ty for the action AF! After the AF scraps RoT wanted some action and since we had 35 in TS we said fuck it and tele'd up west gdz giving them the world to come hit us. Was a real good scrap with RoT having good single piles and NL getting some very good clumps on em. Thx for the action gamers. Turned out to be quite the action packed Tuesday for NL! [Vids up shortly] GF to all involved #NL
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    We have a ladyboy here, its name is @Euphobia
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    How do you know about said dicks?
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