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    Had a planned 30 min cap fight with VR on this fine Sunday. Massed up 26 strong NL warriors to fight at 5PM est. Tele'd up to 50 ports to defend and waited for them to rush us to start the fight. VR rushed in from the south with just about the same opts. NL piles started out strong as fuck and continued that way throughout the fight, maintaining control of the battlefield the entire 30 minutes . We caught VR in quite a few different barrage clumps to the point where they had to push south towards portal a couple of times. This was honestly one of the cleanest fights I have ever been in, no crashers in sight and hardly any looters at all. After the cap was up we fell in and took our endings. Hats off to VR, thanks for the good, clean, respectable action. Good fucking fight. Went to revs afterwards to fuck around and make some money.
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