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  1. ct really piped up to get cleared twice in one night gawd dayum
  2. Vorki


    wow hello big gamer. welcome to forums bro
  3. imagine calling moi and thinking that would help LMAO
  4. to the res members reading this, pm ROSS#4642 to get out. You deserve better. gf pd
  5. ngl made me laugh when moi tried spamming like that'd do anything to help them be coordinated. gf pd
  6. Decade of NL comin up

  7. couldnt make it but looks fun as hell
  8. Vorki

    Other games

    fighting games like street fighter mostly.
  9. Vorki

    Sunday Smoke

    LMAO cmon jaja. at least come in prepared if youre going to crash
  10. 💦 👃 👄

  11. Vorki

    NL vs PD feat. RoT

    ngl pretty clean for a crashed fight somehow fun fight
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