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  1. This the Markito from DF in like 2007/2008?
  2. I did snapegrass, and get like 8m back and never saved points for imbued rings. Very upset about it.
  3. Only nerd here is you @NL Fargorn going to buy 15 boxes daily when its only 15 bucks. Save the NMZ points for imbued rings.
  4. They worse than me and that's saying something @ROSS
  5. Damn, that looks like mad fun. Nice job.
  6. Paddy


    Feel bad for your team. Edit: At least we both have our kicker nightmares.
  7. What do you prefer we call you?: Paddy Tell us about yourself: I am old, too old to be gaming but still enjoy it. I use to play LoL but stopped, I play CSGO when I get bored of RS. Currently playing a lot of Age of Empires II since DE came out. Other than that I live in Chicago. I like to drink and play basketball/golf. I enjoy watching Sports, Chicago Bulls/Cubs/Bears/Hawks I follow Spurs as well, #COYS. My work schedule is chaotic and I almost never turn down overtime so sometimes I can be decently active, sometimes you'll only see me on for an hour or so each day. What is your clanning history? 420 pkers- member, closed due to death of wild Impact Pures- leader, closed due to death of the wild in 2007 Imperial- Pure clan closed because leaders quit the game Doom- pure clan closed Fatality- Pure clan been there since 2015. Met a lot of good guys in this clan that I have met up irl. Don't see myself leaving. Do you intend to join NL?: Yea, I do. I looking into other clans I think this is the right one for me.
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