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  1. My question if know english is enough to knowledge. For example, the mathematical always studied in Usa and study a specific point about math and find some books about it written by a french. Do you think mathematical have more benefitis if him read this book french version than english version ? The question want arrive is if is impossible a person just with english pursue all knowledge or at least it and with same quality.
  2. What do you prefer we call you?: Markito Tell us about yourself: Im brazilian play osrs since 15 years ago. I did my undergraduate about law. Lately idk what to do irl, but try study some languages and stopped with osrs like some months ago, i grabbed quest cape, but the jagex created a new quest so no quest cape . I always hated to do quests after looked around in osrs with another eyes not just to get skills or maxed skills, just to fun like stake and pk. A english friend said to kill callisto some years ago, so began kill it, my first goal there just to get pixels like d pic. However with time liked it and got callisto pet and nowadays im 49 rank, with 4341 kc. I dont have patience anymore to get kc to enter a shit door to kill a monster like some boss or get high lvl slayer 🤣 What is your clanning history?:In osrs, joined clans such as df,vr,tr and others i dont remember now. Do you intend to join NL?: Nah, atm
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