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  1. Hey Bryan nice setup, what client do you use? I like the look of having the boosts on the side
  2. Hey bro and welcome I've ran into you a few times in caves I think
  3. Nice trip boys, hopefully I'll make tonight's one
  4. I think you'd have to learn the other languages to benefit from it... else you wouldn't be able to understand it. And if the person is in pursuit of all knowledge then they would have to educate themselves to speak/read/write all languages Ez
  5. AC got put in a Rizzla Nice recap @Dragisx ty for the action
  6. Hey Ryan, How did you hear about us?
  7. NL Ginge


    ty for all the loot last night
  8. Just wanna say if you left click the p neck, it equips it and then it has a chance to proc Try that next time retards
  9. Wow you are autistic Ps. I have a gf and I will enjoy clicking tyvm
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