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  1. you cant stop NL #unstoppable
  2. 7fe82dede9b0df0a8b0c09bf34d2e7ed.png
     i fucking hate this boss

  3. If you've ever wondered if it was possible to pk on mobile. Well here's some of my latest clips put together into a simple compilation. Let me know if there's other sorts of PKing y'all would be interested in seeing 🙂
  4. Did not get cerb pet but got myself an eternal drop could've been worse 🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. Way to throw in my ballista from yesterday lmao
  6. wish me luck on this cerb pet bitches #hellpuppy

  7. Gf Pd (except bitch ass flawsin & renegay)
  8. Ex wg? Geeeez idk man
  9. Good morning NL 💀

  10. Hey! Nice to see that you're willing to try new shit for your friend. Hopefully we can make clanning a fun thing for ya.
  11. But where was flossin? Playdead you bitch
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