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  1. Lmfaooooo, tbh its more humiliating them having to call another clan to save them. Fucking trash. GJ lads!
  2. Gf VR, clean as fuck. TY Etihad for the 3k death runes 😄
  3. Any friend of Rut gotta be a good guy 🙂
  4. Hey Bryan, welcome! How did you hear about us? Hope that after you get to know us better, that this introduction turns into a proper app 🙂
  5. Another money trip, well for some of us anyway. EZ GP from these GMT whales.
  6. Markito, fodasseee, nem sei onde começar.... Pq esta pergunta num clã de PVP em Runescape? ... Junta te a nós e aí o teu Inglês vai melhorar de certeza ahaha
  7. Money trip. Gmt whales as usual. You guys missing out!
  8. Easy Monday claps to get the week started on a good note
  9. Was great clean fun, can't wait to fight them again 😄
  10. Hm NMZ points u got left? Fucking nmz prod.
  11. Lmfaoooooooo that's disgusting. Big fucking oof for CT. Don't they teach how to tank? I mean most of those kills are og members lmfao. Embarrassing..
  12. Hey! So you clicked the link then? 😄
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