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  1. Another GMT trip today for the boys, plenty of small fights, no real clan action so we just made bank again.
  2. Went out for a small GMT trip with the boys, had a small fight with TR but it was the only real fight of consequence, otherwise we just ran around gathering up all the loots.
  3. Massed up 15 strong GMT warriors and headed out to explore the lands of GMT. We started off at Vet'ion found a few random teams risking stank for no reason at all. After that we checked deep but it was dead so we headed out to Revs. During our tour of Revs we found no real opposition but we did find a Liths kid who was singles pking and had a fucking brain aneurysm and walked his dumb ass into multi, all in all a trip full of free loot.
  4. ezzzzzzzzzz 10/10 would bang again
  5. Ok so we massed up a few of the lads, ran around from Deep to Revs finding no real opposition except Moi in their rag ballista bullshit, so we swept the caves, cleared some easy teams, had some fun and made some loot.
  6. Decided to give the GMT Unit a easy night of hunting so we went deep to find that smoke after a quick fight with VR (ty for the elder btw) we ran into AC in the bounty world at Glory hill, the fight started with them holding north of New Gate and NL pushing up from the south, the fight went on for around 20 mins before DK decided to rush in from the volcano so we had to quickly clear all comers and hold the arena north of New Gate as our own, after clearing both we took a quick run to the bank. After our bank trip we heard that AC was back at the 50 ports, so we flew up to GDZ to find them, before we could find them we ran into DF who quickly got cleared from the hill and pulled south to try and clump us between them to the south and AC to the north. So after about 10 mins of fighting both AC and DF NL pushed through New Gate and quickly cleared AC before turning south and clearing DF. After a quick run to the bank we found AC again and cleared them within 5 mins. Not long after this we heard there was a team at 50 ports on the bounty world AGAIN, so presuming that it was AC getting ready for round 4 we rushed up to meet them but sadly it was not to be as AC had ended for the night, instead waiting for us at 50 ports was DF we quickly began the fight by taking a tsotd from them and pushed into the fight taking control for the first 15 mins all the while DF continued to gain numbers, in the end after around 50 mins of fighting NL pulled out leaving the field to DF how now had more than double our ops. GF to all involved.
  7. Welcome, i remember your name vaguely from WG, looking forward to having you join us ! ~~Euphobia
  8. yeah, no1 wants to hang out with you 😛
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