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  1. re-occurring theme, was that resurgence they called to help also?
  2. Luke keeps asking me for nudes. Starting to think he is serious

  4. I found the guy who is going to be taking time off from work to drink mountain dew and shit in a bucket
  5. poor fatty never stood a chance
  6. Loot From 3039 Herb Boxes Figured it was a good time to cash out on the boxes since the prices are climbing with the upcoming pvm update (fucking nerds). Enjoy clicking an NPC for 15 fucking hours a day you skeletor looking shits. This is why you are in your 20s and have never had a girlfriend. 3039 divided by 15= 202.6 (somehow fucked this up, nice job Fargorn) Predicted Income: 30m 10k per box is the generally accepted average value of each box, therefore 30m should be expected Actual Income: 36m. Wow. Cool eh. Fucking Canada wins again.
  7. Ty for the action CT Look at the fucking clumps and the minimap. Good fucking job lads 😄
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