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  1. Funny how i literally said in CT disc that they got cleared twice so stop crying, then they gotta delete the messages and ban me so they dont look bad l000000l
  2. LMS?????? Fuck outta here
  3. Welcome dude, heard you wunna use my mm2 alts lmao
  4. Willzy

    NL vs PX my POV

    You can toggle them with 1 click lol
  5. Willzy

    NL vs PX my POV

    Dont ever post a video again. Lmao im jking. Needa get a different video editor, i recommend using openshot video editor, easy to use once you get the hang of it and its free with no watermark. Also i hope you're recording with OBS and if so, you can set it to record with the overlays already there. And on videos like this, theres little to no editing needed, just the raw clips, cut out deaths and bad parts and add music. Done. Shoot me a pm on discord if you need help setting up OBS or if you decide to get openshot
  6. CT scared to fight unless they have atleast a 10 man advantage lmao
  7. Rev needa learn to not sit in robes smiting lmao. cpk was ez tho even with x2 opts
  8. Lmao look at those minimaps all purple
  9. Willzy

    JJ Bullied in EST

    Stick to GMT retards
  10. If you want public ross will film it and upload it and pay you $200
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